Time to preview Microsoft Windows 10 on Lumia phones

Microsoft just released Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones. It is very early build and available for very limited Lumia devices.

Today’s build supports only Lumia 630, Lumia 635, Lumia 636, Lumia 638, Lumia 730, and Lumia 830. However Windows VP  Joe Belfiore says the company will be “delivering new features and new devices…over the next few months.”

Microsoft work hard to improve Windows Phone operating system to compete Android and iOS. With the universal apps, company has done amazing job in the Windows 10 for phones.

How to install Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones on Lumia?


Firstly your eligible Lumia device should be up to date with Windows Phone 8.1.

So please go to settings and check for updates. If any updates there, install it and start the Windows 10 Technical preview installation.

To install Windows 10 Technical preview on Lumia, first you should enrol in the Insider program. You can do it here https://insider.windows.com/

Then download Windows Insider app from the WindowsPhone store  and login with your Microsoft Account.

Choose the ‘Slow’ or ‘Fast’ builds and accept Insider Program Terms and Conditions.

Now go to settings and check for updates. Downloading will start and time may vary. It may take some time depends on the server delay and connectivity.

When you update your phone, it might need to restart more than once to complete your Technical Preview installation. You might need to wait up to 60 minutes for an automatic restart to happen before your phone gets the final Windows 10 update.

If you want to go back to Windows 8.1, yes, it is possible. Microsoft has given the option to go back to Windows Phone 8.1. Please find the method from this linkhttp://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/preview-backup-restore