Another way to get the Windows 10 anniversary update


Today, 2nd of August is a big day for Windows 10 users. Microsoft started to roll out the biggest update to Windows 10 which is called Anniversary Update.

Windows 10Windows 10 users will get this update automatically. But it doesn’t mean that you will get the update today (2nd Aug). Because this update is available simultaneously for Desktops/laptops, tablets, phones and Xbox One. So it could take couple of days or weeks to reach you.

However, Microsoft has given another way to get this update. Click on this official Microsoft link and get you update immediately.

It is a simple method which is NOT effected your existing files. Updating time depends on your PC configuration and internet speed. (For me, it took around 35 minutes)

Couple of screenshots from the update process. (Please click on the picture to see the full size image)



Windows 10 anniversary update