Acer’s Jade Primo, your Pocket PC

Acer wants us to carry a high-end smartphone with full-blown Windows 10.

Jade Primo

Acer unveiled the Windows 10 Mobile device called Jade Primo at IFA event in Berlin. Germany.

But Acer calls it a “pocket PC”. Acer is not wrong. Because this smartphone will work as a PC when it is connected to the dock. Thanks to Microsoft Windows 10 Continuum feature. Acer’s Jade Primo is the world’s first phone to support Windows 10’s Continuum.

Continuum is a feature that detects the type of Windows device you’re using and configure the operating system accordingly. With this amazing feature of Windows 10 and the included monitor dock, keyboard and wireless mouse, you can use the Jade Primo as a small computer on its own.


Jade Primo packs high-end specs that many Windows Phone fans have been waiting for last many months. The handset sports Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with 100 percent NTSC colour saturation. Resolution of the screen is 1080p Full HD which is great for the battery life.

Jade 2

The main camera is 21-megapixels with dual LED and the front facing camera is 8-megapixel. Selfie fans would be happier with this device. So far not known about RAM capacity. However definitely it won’t be less than 2GB.

Price and availability of the Jade Primo have not been revealed yet, but according to Acer officials, the Primo would be available before the end of year. The device will ship with a docking station, wireless mouse and keyboard.